Plan F

Please note that Plan F is no longer available for newly entering medicare individuals. 

There are 11 different Medicare Supplement plans available to individuals on Medicare. Each plan is designated by a letter of the alphabet, ranging from Plan A – Plan N.

Plan F pays the deductible for both Medicare Part A and Part B. In addition, it also pays for all hospital and skilled nursing co-pays (including reserve days), your Part B co-insurance and any Part B excess charges. With Plan F, you have no deductibles, no co-pays and no co-insurance, making it the best plan available. For those on Medicare, this plan is a close to 100% coverage as you can get.

Like every Medicare Supplement plan, the Plan F is the exact same plan among every company who offers it. For example: AARP’s Plan F is the same as Blue Shield’s Plan F, which is the same as Aetna and Health Net’s Plan F, and so on; each company offers the same benefits for each plan. The only difference from one company to the next is the premium you pay for that coverage. This is one of the primary reasons individuals utilize agents/brokers; to shop all these rates to locate the lowest premium for you! If the Medicare Supplement Plan F does not fit within your budget, the next best plan available is the Plan N; this is considered as a “middle of the road” plan.